Case of Autistic Baby Girl

Parent's of young girl aged 4 years was referred to us by one of the child's parent who was under our treatment for autism. The child was diagnosed at the age of 1 year 10 months with mild to moderate autism. The major concern for the parent when they came to us was her hyperactivity, she just cannot sit in one place, and spinning and jumping around is also quite marked.

The child likes to climb and there is no element of fear in her this also caused lot of tension to the parents as she will not tell even if she gets injured. Fine motor skills are also not developed as per her age. She cannot hold a pencil or write or draw anything. She understands wearing clothes and shoes which she does on her own.

Developmentally the child started walking by her first birthday; she is now running can jump from heights. The child was normal till the age of about one year. She was speaking in single words and also using gestures like waving bye and blowing kisses. Concern started at the age of 1 year 10 months when she stopped using those words and does not gesture anymore. The child is unable to respond consistently when her name is called and there is minimal eye contact.

The child is unable to comply with simple one step instructions with or without gestures. When the care taker has to call her they have to touch her or call her repeatedly then she will respond. She doesn't like to play with toys she prefers to run around the house or spin.

She likes music and will enjoy herself; she is also inclined to make noise. Sometimes she walks on her toes. She loves to go out in open places and tries to play with the children and is happy when she is with children. She also has an obsession for blue color.

Personal history:
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Rice, lentils, Ice, Cold drinks
  • Thirst: Will ask for water and takes around 2 liters in a day.
  • Sleep and Dreams: Good sleep on alternate nights will be restless in sleep. Wakes up on least noise. Always sleeps in knee chest position.
  • Urine: normal
  • Stools: Constipation and lot of discomfort has to strain.

  • Thermals:
  • Sun: Doesn't cause any problem
  • Air conditioner: loves it will go near the outlet of air conditioner and enjoy the cold air.
  • Fan: Likes
  • Covering: Dislikes taking covers
  • Bath: Lukewarm water
Family history:
  • 1 brother aged 12 years: normal
  • Father and Mother have no major illness

The Observation of the Clinical Psychologist was that the child was found to have average functioning in relation to social maturity. Autism index on the CARS test is suggestive of autism. The childhood autism rating scale (CARS) and ATEC results indicate mild to moderate autism.


Date Follow up Prescription
4/3/12 -
  • Medorrihnum 200
  • 1 dose at interval of 7 days for 2 weeks
  • Sleep is better
  • Concentration has increased
  • Restlessness has decreased
  • Stools are better doesn't have to strain.
  • Medorrihnum 200
  • 1 dose at interval of 15 days for 1 month
  • Improvement noted by therapist that the child is concentrating better.
  • Can hold the pencil, tries to communicate.
  • Other improvements are persistent till the last follow up.
  • The same medicine was continued.
  • The child was given Medorrihnum 200 once in a month.
Conclusion of the case:

The child was diagnosed at the age of 1 year 10 months and she received the Homeopathic treatment at the age of 4 years. So we lost 2 years of precious time as Homeopathic medicines when given at an early stage in the right dose and correct repetition it can bring in tremendous improvement in the child. Early intervention is very critical to get the desired out come.