Integrated treatment for Autism -Homeopathy-Nutrition-Therapies

At Dr. Joshi’s center for Autism we have developed a specialized integrated treatment for autism with Homeopathy -Nutrition -Therapies. We provide Homeopathic, Nutritional treatment and therapies at our center, for online patients therapies have to be taken locally.

With the expertise of Dr. Santosh Joshi and Dr. Varsha Patel Joshi who have been leading in online treatment for Autism and are exposed to global clients via their online treatment have successfully treated children on the autism spectrum. We understand the emotional turmoil of the parents when the diagnosis is made and the challenges that will come in dealing with a child who is on Autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Santosh and Dr. Varsha have not only helped the children develop in the right direction but have also helped parents to deal with the challenges and helped them to resolve them. Being bought up in Mumbai, India they both are exposed to the cultural diversity and understand Indians, American Indians, Americans people from across the world; have been benefitted from the specialized treatment plan of Integrated treatment for Autism.

Homeopathy and Nutrition Consultation fees Plan For Autism

India Patients
6 Month Plan: Rs.22500
12 Month Plan: Rs.40500
6 Month Plan: USD 675
12 Month Plan: USD 1200
European Union
6 Month Plan: Euro 675
12 Month Plan: Euro 1200
6 Month Plan: USD 675
12 Month Plan: USD 1200
United Kingdom
6 Month Plan: Pound 550
12 Month Plan: Pound 1050