Is Cure for Autism Possible?

The most common question that we come across is that doctor can you cure autism with Homeopathy? And there are lot of hopes and emotions associated with this question. We answer the question by being honest in our conversation by explaining the scope of Homeopathic medicines and Dietary intervention. We also educate the parent that a disease can be cured but autism is a disorder and it has to be handled; efforts should be focused on making the child independent and reducing or removing the obstacles that are faced in successfully treating the child with Homeopathy, Dietary intervention and Therapies. We have seen in our practice of more than a decade that the children respond very well to Homeopathic treatment and in certain cases there has been reversal of the symptoms of autism but this again depends from case to case. We do not claim of curing autism our aim is to give the best possible results and see how the maximum improvement can be achieved along with therapies.

Benefits that can be achieved through Homeopathy and Dietary intervention:
  • Reducing the hyperactivity
  • Improving eye contact
  • Increasing attention span
  • Improving cognitive skills
  • Managing the sensory issues
What we do:

Step 1:
Understanding the parent's situation and explaining them the possibilities with Homeopathic medicines and Dietary interventions. We guide them to accept the fact and do the best possible for their child.

Step 2:
As Homeopathic treatment is an Individualized form of treatment we need to understand the complete case history of the individual which forms the basis of the treatment hence giving a detailed case history is very important to get the desired results with Homeopathic treatment.

Step 3:
Understanding the complete dietary routine and dietary issues the patient has.

Step 4:
Analyzing the case history and deciding the line of Homeopathic treatment.

Step 5:
Analyzing the dietary information given and customizing an individualized Diet chart.

Step 6:
Prescribing the Homeopathic medicine and the diet chart to the in-clinic patients and shipping the same across the globe to our online patients.

For our patients across the globe we provide our services via video conferencing, telephonic conversation and through e-mail.